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This Guy And His Brother Had The Most Hilarious Prank War With Creepy Dolls

Prank wars are pretty much a rite of passage when you have siblings.

Whoopee cushions were essential to my brother’s pranks as a kid, and I have to admit that his stunts were pretty hilarious. But the prank war that these siblings got into is so much funnier (and creepier) than anything my siblings could have ever hoped to do.

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If dolls freak you out, then you might want to skip the photos below.

When Redditor theroboticdan and his brother, Greg, found old dolls that their grandma made for their mom back in the day, they decided to have some fun with them over Christmas break.

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They were both creeped out by the dolls, so theroboticdan decided to give his brother a nice wake-up call.

But Greg quickly retaliated and left this for him to find when he got out of the shower.

Not to be outdone, he strapped the doll inside Greg’s closet as a treat for when he got dressed.

Things started to get terrifying when later that night, theroboticdan found this monstrosity waiting in his room.

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So he wrapped a doll up with a desk calendar to hide its shape.

And he left the present out on Christmas.

But he realized the war was far from over when he found both of the dolls in his closet later that night.

All bets were off after that.

When his brother got closer to the one on the toilet, he found another creepy visitor nearby.

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Greg wasn’t ready to give up, so he used both of the dolls to create this disturbing visual.

Things got even creepier that night when theroboticdan turned the baby into a hulking monster.

But I think Greg won the war after he set up this freaky scene.

This isn’t going to give me nightmares at all…

I’m so tempted to do this to my friends and family. (You’ve been warned, loved ones.) You can check out the rest of their epic pranks here.

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