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This Guy Broke A Piece Of Wood In Half And Made Seriously Gorgeous Rings

I’ve always wanted really unique jewelry that would make everyone jealous.

That may be a little petty of me to say, but you have to admit that you’ve probably had the same desire at some point. There are some pretty stunning pieces out there, like secret wood rings, but that’s not a price I’m willing to pay. This is precisely why I love the amazing replicas one crafter just made.

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Redditor Peterb77 decided to create similar accessories himself by splitting a piece of wood. The result is so beautiful that he could probably sell his own set.

Using a few blocks of wood to break it in the right place, he split the plank with a vise.

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After cutting the wood to fit snugly inside this mold, he taped it down to keep it flat.

To mimic the night sky look of the rings, he mixed up some epoxy resin and added a few drops of blue pigment.

Then he got to pouring.

He started working on the pattern during the second pour.

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A day later, it was dry and already looking incredible.

Next, the crafter added holes for the rings. He made sure to drill them right at the edges where the splinters and epoxy met.

Then he sawed out the rough shape of the rings.

His belt sander helped him smooth things out quickly.

After sanding all sides, they started looking really cool.

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But he wasn’t done just yet. He used micro mesh polishing pads to make those babies shine.

The crafter could have left them like this, but he wanted to make them look even better.

So he dabbed some plastic polish on his Dremel tool’s buffing wheel.

And he was left with some gorgeous rings.

I’ve never been a fan of wooden jewelry, but I want one of these so badly.

If you’re dying to replicate these beauties like I am, you can find the full instructions here or check out the video below.

Be careful, though. The rings are so beautiful that they might leave you feeling a little possessive.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/secret-wood-rings/

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