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This Guy Made A Staircase With Some Plywood, And The Result Is So Beautiful

I love spiral staircases, and I’m sure most of you do, too.

There’s something about walking upstairs in circles that’s really whimsical. But what isn’t enjoyable about these staircases is the fact that they often cost approximately a billion dollars. That’s why I wish I could be as handy as this guy, because then I could make my own for a lot less money.

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Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern decided to build his own spiral staircase using only plywood cutouts.

He used CNC machines to cut out all of the pieces.

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And he used twelve layers of plywood for each step.

Before he got to work on the staircase, he attached a steel plate to the floor and welded a pole onto it.

Then he began stacking the slats to create steps.

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He made sure to spiral each step as he went up.

When the stairs reached the top floor, he cut two plywood sheets and glued them together for the landing.

When it was dry, he screwed it in place.

To reinforce the stairs, he added five-inch screws where each step meets the one above it.

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Then he sanded the whole staircase to make it nice and smooth.

The only thing it needed was two coats of polycrylic finish.

I can’t believe how gorgeous it turned out!

Listen. I don’t have the skills to build a staircase like Uyeda’s, but I could totally go this route.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/diy-spiral-staircase/

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