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This Guy’s Final Photos Before He Fell To His Death Are Tragically Beautiful

When a young person dies, it’s an occasion for us all to mourn and reflect on our own mortality. Someone passing right in the prime of their life, with so many possibilities in front of them, is one of life’s biggest tragedies. It’s an even harsher blow when the young person dies in a freak accident doing what they love.

That’s exactly what happened to 20-year-old New Jersey native, Connor Cummings.

Last week, the college student fell 25 feet to his death from a catwalk on top of the iconic Four Season Hotel in New York City. Cummings was there taking photographs with a friend when he made a wrong move and slipped.

This series of breathtaking photos of the New York City skyline were captured by Cummings just minutes before his death.

According to police, Cummings and a friend took a hotel elevator to the roof, 52 stories up. Then they climbed a 25-foot ladder to a catwalk above the roof.

From the vantage point of the catwalk, Cummings took these photos.

According to detectives, from the way Cummings fell, it looked like he was stepping backwards and didn’t realize there was another opening in the catwalk behind him.

By the time he realized what was happening it was too late.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, Cummings’ camera was released back to his family where these pictures were found on the SD card.

(via Reddit)

While these photos are truly amazing, they’re also a reminder of how fragile life can be.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cummings family.

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