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‘This Is Their Last Stop.’ Amazing Couple Gives Terminally Ill Senior Dogs A Home

It’s always sad to see shelter animals waiting for someone to give them a second chance and a forever home, but it’s especially heartbreaking when they don’t have much longer to live.

Unfortunately, some people don’t want to adopt senior dogs because of their age and possible health issues, which leads to many of them dying in shelters without a family to love them in their final days. This is exactly why Michele and Jeff Allen, a married couple from Southampton, New Jersey, decided to dedicate their lives to giving older and terminally ill dogs a loving home.

The Allens had already been caring for dogs when one of their fosters, Monkey, passed away after dealing with heart and dental issues. That’s when they founded Monkey’s House, a hospice and sanctuary on their six-acre property for dogs that are nearing the end of their lives.

“In losing Monkey the grief was really, really tough and the greatest thing we could do was push through our grief in honoring him, and Monkey loved other dogs,” Michele Allen told CNN.

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The dogs they take in come from shelters, animal control groups, and veterinarians, where many were surrendered by their previous owners. Most of them were risk of being euthanized.

But when they arrive at Monkey’s House, they’re given love and care from volunteers, they get to eat home-cooked dog meals, they have regular vet visits, and they get to sit on whatever piece of furniture they want.

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