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This Lady’s Nerdy Pregnancy Announcement To Her Husband Is So Thoughtful And Cute

Imgur user ChimeraOfEbony and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for the past one and a half years. They were beginning to wonder whether they’d ever be able to conceive a child when ChimeraOfEbony found out she was expecting.

She was thrilled to say the least after hoping, wishing, and wondering for so long, and knowing her husband would feel the same, she wanted to let him know in the cutest (and nerdiest) way possible. Taking their shared interest of the trading card game Magic: The Gathering, she created her own special card to deliver the news. Read all about her thoughtful pregnancy announcement as she tells it below.

“The plan was simple: The card was placed among the others, making sure to not place it in the front or back so he couldn’t feel the difference upon taking out the cards. The prints were simply glued onto the accompanying token in the package.”

“I decided the most fitting choice was a transform card,” she explained. “I decided to make a little ‘quote’ from my husband. He hasn’t said it, but it would make the transform on the back more fun – aaaand, I love chocolate.”

“I have never taken myself too seriously, and we have joked for years about pregnancy hormones and weight gain. So the image and card mechanic was based on that trope – for each month the creature gets stronger until you hit the final month, get a token, and everything is back to normal, again with a quote relating to my love of chocolate.”

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“I was very careful when opening the booster. I purposely opened it in the bottom as my husband has a habit of opening them from the top. I also made sure not to rip up the back of the booster to make it easier to conceal the fact that it had been opened. The bottom was glued together and I went home from work with my little surprise gift. It is not unusual for me to bring home a booster for him when I come by the bookstore, so I felt pretty confident that he wouldn’t be suspicious.”

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