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This Movement Encouraged Sex With Children — And It’s Still Alive And Well

In 1968, a preacher named David Berg founded a religious movement called “Teens for Christ” with his family in Huntington Beach, California.

Later renamed to “Children of God” (COG) as a way of attracting more young members during the ’60s, the organization preached about doing good deeds, living simply, and “free love” through sexual relationships between members and similarly-imagined encounters with Jesus Christ called “Loving Jesus.”

While this definitely sounds odd by itself, the horror really lies in the sexual violence, pedophilia, and incest that its self-proclaimed prophet not only encouraged but forced on children, including his own.

By 1972, COG had 130 communities around the world. At that time, Berg was living in seclusion and communicating to his members through what he called “Mo Letters,” — letters of instruction and counsel on spiritual matters — as he was also known as “Moses David.”

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Members of the organization lived in communes that housed 12 adults and their children, and they spent their time attempting to convert other people by distributing pamphlets.

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