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This Space-Themed DIY Nursery Is Nothing Short Of Incredible

When you’re obsessed with outer space, just sitting under the night sky is not enough.

Well, it wasn’t enough for Instructables user , at least. She wanted to be able to take in the night sky, the planets, and the constellations at all hours of the day and night. Not only is the room she created impressive, but it’s also durable. The walls have held up for over 12 years and still look as mesmerizing as they did when they were brand new. It’s the perfect room for a wannabe astronaut, and creating one like it is deceptively easy!

If this looks like something you or your kiddos would love, here’s how it’s done!

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First, grab a few cans of pale yellow paint and a few cans of pale blue.

To create that galactic effect, be sure to pick up some white, dark blue, purple, orange, and white acrylic paint from your local craft store. (Oh, and some natural sponges.)

This is how the sponge painting process is done:

YouTube / David Stockton

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Here’s what the daytime side should look like.

And as you can see, the nighttime side is on another level!

You can even grab some night sky stencils to create an accurate design.

The first task is choosing what constellations you want to sleep under each night.

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Trace the constellations onto tissue paper and poke a hole where each star is.

Put the paper up against the wall and paint over the stencils with glow-in-the-dark paint!

If you’re an artist, paint some planets on the walls! If you’re not, decals will work just fine.

Excuse the pun, but it’s out of this world. For full details, check out the original post here!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/universe-nursery/

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