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This Tattoo Artist Is Horrible At Drawing… But People Are Letting Her Ink Them Anyway

When I get a tattoo, I do a lot of research into the artist beforehand.

I want to be sure that I love the person’s sense of design and artistry before I let them put something permanent on my body. Other people are, well, not so selective sometimes. That’s okay, because tattoos are all about expressing yourself…even if that’s through bad art.

Most people, however, don’t go into a tattoo appointment with the expectation that their new ink will look bad. The exceptions are clients of Brazilian tattoo artist Helena Fernandes. She specializes in “trash tattoos,” and her very specific style is gaining her fans all over the world.

Fernandes is the founder and owner of Malfeitona, her tattoo shop in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

Many people relate to her tattoo drawings because the artwork is accessible. It looks like something they could draw.

Fernandes isn’t just a viral sensation, however. People, including ones with more traditional ink, are paying her to permanently etch her art onto their bodies.

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If you want to see more of her work, you can follow Melfeitona on Instagram and Facebook

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