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Those Elephant Rides In Asia May Seem Fun, But They’re The Result Of Horrid Abuse

When travelling to other countries, many tourists enjoy participating in activities centered around exotic creatures.

Wildlife attractions like dolphin swimming, tiger selfies, and elephant rides are marketed as fun, exciting, and harmless interactions between people and animals, but the dark truth behind them is unbelievably cruel and heartbreaking.

Have you ever wondered why elephants let people ride on their backs? Well, here’s a hint. It’s not because they want to. From a very young age, babies are taken away from their mothers and put through torture to break their spirit. In the video below, people are using hidden nails in their hands to stab the elephants into submission.

In order to be tamed, wild elephants in Asian countries like Thailand are confined to tiny spaces and are deprived of food and sleep, then poked, prodded, and stabbed. Fear of the pain is what eventually trains them to submit to human will.

Once they’re deemed ready to give rides, they’re kept in line with bull hooks and sharp tools.

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So what can you do to help stop these cruel practices? One simple and very important way is to plan your vacations as animal friendly as possible by not paying or participating in wildlife tourist entertainment. This guide provides a helpful list of what to check for where you’re visiting and how to research each venue.

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It’s also important to ask yourself three things about places claiming to be elephant sanctuaries. Are the animals’ needs put first? Does the facility steer away from using them for profit and entertainment? Do they have food, water, and adequate shelter? If not, they’re more than likely being abused.

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