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Thousands attend Day of Resistance rallies in support of Second Amendment


Thousands across the nation gathered today to mark Day of Resistance, an event sparked by President Obama’s signing in December of 23 executive actions on “gun violence reduction.” The president and his staff hand-picked four children to join him on stage to plead their case, but as more and more legislators at the state and national levels push for extensive restrictions on gun ownership, plenty of Americans would like to have their say as well, even if they have to brave the elements to do it.

If #JoeBiden happens to ask U,”hey,what’s this #DayOfResistance all about?” @washingtondctea twitter.com/CON_vert/statu…(https://twitter.

— jim (@jim4ua2001) February 23, 2013

York Township resident Robin Bobula stands with a sign she made in support of the 2nd Amendment. #DayOfResistance. twitter.com/I_M_BrandieK/s…

— Brandie Kessler (@I_M_BrandieK) February 23, 2013

2nd Amendment supporters are on both sides of the square in Red Lion. #DayOfResistance twitter.com/I_M_BrandieK/s…

— Brandie Kessler (@I_M_BrandieK) February 23, 2013

#DayofResistanceit was cold and rainy but we came out in SC upstate. twitter.com/GiveMeLib/stat…

— Manny Fig (@GiveMeLib) February 23, 2013

While lighter than previous gatherings, a lot of folks here at #ConcordNH #dayofresistance rally twitter.com/ConcordNHPatch…

— Concord NH Patch (@ConcordNHPatch) February 23, 2013

View from the steps. The Denver crowd minus my fellow veterans who were called to the podium. #DayOfResistance twitter.com/CajunConservat…

— Greg (@CajunConservatv) February 23, 2013

And the crowd is growing! #dayofresistance Ventura, CA instagr.am/p/WFeFAcw73-/

— Kris Williams (@KrisWilliams81) February 23, 2013

Approximately 800 people at the Day of Resistance in West Chester. twitter.com/FahertyJohn/st…

— John Faherty (@FahertyJohn) February 23, 2013

Big turnout at the Boone County #dayofresistanceJoe Kalil speaking now. Congressman Massie up next. twitter.com/aakelley/statu…

— Chris Kelley (@aakelley) February 23, 2013

#DayOfResistance our message is clear. No Infringement of 2nd Amendment twitter.com/LTCRIce/status…

— RW Ice (@LTCRIce) February 23, 2013

This is what this is all about, folks! #DayOfResistance twitter.com/MBarris01/stat…

— Lady Liberty (@MBarris01) February 23, 2013

@theteaparty_net #dayofresistance #DayOfResistence go Utah. It was so cold but we stood strong! #wethepeople twitter.com/mizmaverik/sta…

— iwantmy americaback (@mizmaverik) February 23, 2013

Freezing rain didn’t stop 100+ 2A supporters. We’d rather be free than warm and cozy! #dayofresistance twitter.com/shotmonster/st…

— M Howe (@shotmonster) February 23, 2013

People were asking to take a picture with me. #BecauseObviously #DayOfResistance twitter.com/StevieJWest/st…

— Stevie J. West (@StevieJWest) February 23, 2013

Phoenix #DayOfResistance is happening now! @theteaparty_net @dustinstockton @matthewkburke twitter.com/KristinaLeeHal…

— Kristina Hall (@KristinaLeeHall) February 23, 2013

All the #veterans in the audience took center stage at the #Sacramento #DayofResistance outstanding! twitter.com/SackHeads/stat…

— Sack Heads Radio (@SackHeads) February 23, 2013

Forgive us if we don’t wait for crowd estimates from the evening network news broadcasts.

#dayofresistance in League City TX over 400 in attendance and growing @dustinstockton @mboyle1 @clearlaketp @pearlandtea

— Suezette Griffin (@Suez51) February 23, 2013

yfrog.com/h6o66jtgj Hundreds turn out for Day of Resistance rally in Grand Junction #Colorado

— Marjorie Haun (@Reagan_Girl) February 23, 2013

Official rally crowd count here at Houston Texas #dayofresistance rally is more than 400.

— Matthew Boyle (@mboyle1) February 23, 2013

#dayofresistance Palmdale CA had about 150 people show up for the rally

— Julie Gannon (@julieagannon) February 23, 2013

.223 rally today in Bakersfield, CA #dayofresistance lots of families and kids and vets. Peaceful but powerful

— John Campbell (@mcsoupman) February 23, 2013

In the interest of balance, we’ll let actor Adam Baldwin act as correspondent for the opposition rally.

“We love our children more than gun owners need their guns.” – Anti #2ndAmendment rally ~ #GunGrabbers #EmpathySlanders

— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) February 23, 2013

Turnout for today’s anti #2ndAmendment “We The People/Children-Calling for Responsible ‘Gun Safety’” rally stinks… ~ twitter.com/adamsbaldwin/s…

— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) February 23, 2013

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