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Tolerant libs give Condoleezza Rice the ‘Mia Love’ treatment


You know Condoleezza Rice’s speech had to be inspiring when even Chris Matthews couldn’t stop praising it. But much like Mia Love’s star-making speech, it also inspired a lot of hate from those who just can’t accept a conservative woman speaking for herself.

Gag me with a token. RT @blakehounshell: Drudge has the text of Condi's prepared remarks http://t.co/5xvYDEJC

— Jared Bondesson (@jvbond014) August 30, 2012

Y'all it's time for Condi. She has to be the token black woman, everyone else has morals.

— Big Q.R.I.T (@ChrisMarie_) August 30, 2012

Condi doesn't seem uncomfortable in the least in her role as token

— LI8HTCHRIS (@thislawthatlaw) August 30, 2012

As hard as she may try, as much as she may wish….Condi will NEVER b white. Even SHE knows what they really think of her. TOKEN TOKEN TOKEN

— Randomly Perfect (@swerveon13) August 30, 2012

Condi, look at that 99.99 white audience. You stupid token black. Go wash your hands to get that war blood off.

— Wylie Jones (@Wylieknowords) August 30, 2012


A grinning black Republican reminds me of the plantation house Negro whistling “Dixie” while spit shining massa’s Confederate shoes. #Condi

— rσck west (@rokslyde) August 30, 2012

If Mitt is in the White House maybe Condi can get back as part of the hired help. And remember, Ann wants you to know your place. #Romney

— Norvanglus (@gf_layne) August 30, 2012

Does Condi Rice go to some Spa to get some "spray-on Negro"? To listen to her speak you might think she was Cheney's secret twin sister.

— Science = The Future (@EARTHS_BEYOND) August 29, 2012


Go fuck yourself Republican whore #withoutahintofirony RT @MKayy47: Condoleezza Rice, my favorite nigger <3”

— Choppah™ (@iamchoppah) August 30, 2012

Although the method of delivery has changed, these vile attacks on Rice are certainly nothing new. Rice has withstood far worse for much longer; we hope that perhaps through the example she has set, the next Mia Love won’t have to.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/30/tolerant-libs-give-condoleezza-rice-the-mia-love-treatment/

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