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Too soon: ‘Glee’ episode takes on ‘gun yahoos,’ misfires with viewers


It turns out you didn’t even have to watch tonight’s episode of “Glee” to hear the sermon on gun control. The New York Daily News spoiled some of the suspense earlier today when it revealed that (spoiler!) the school shooting at fictional McKinley High was just an accident — a student had brought her father’s gun to school under the influence of those fear-mongering gun nuts.

Teacher Sue Sylvester claimed the gun was hers, taking the fall for the incident, but not the blame. “Parents with troubled kids are too busy working three jobs to look after them, and the gun yahoos have everyone so worked up about Obama taking away their guns that every house has a readily available arsenal,” she explained.

#Glee said “All the gun yahoo’s out there are afraid of Obama taking their guns they already have an arsenal in their home” #GleeOnCrack

— Chris(@Chris_1791) April 12, 2013

A member of the Newtown Action Alliance had posted a warning on Facebook, advising other members not to watch. Too soon?

The FOX show #Glee is getting hammered on Twitter for a plot involving a school shooting.Anyone see it??

— Michael Benny (@MichaelBenny) April 12, 2013

Apparently tonight’s #glee is about a school shooting. I’m officially hate-watching this from now on. Insensitive much?

— MARIA AMANTE (@1MAMANTE) April 12, 2013

I don’t ever watch Glee and that episode is exactly why. I’m shocked that they would do that this soon. Or ever.

— Devin Hutton (@DevinAnne) April 12, 2013

Yup, I think I’m done with #glee. Making jokes afterwards, etc. Too soon & too real for some families. #notokay

— Kelsey (@KBower617) April 12, 2013

Really Glee? You’re going to have an episode of a school shooting? Wayyy too soon. I’m not feelin’ it. Very tasteless and tacky.#toosoon

— Sarah Maieritsch✌ (@Sarah_RItsCH) April 12, 2013

Okay, I have calmed down enough to talk about this without screaming. I think that Glee handled that issue in a horrible way.

— Ashley Foster (@a_fossy115) April 12, 2013

#glee crossed a line tonight. A school shooting or the appearance of one is not for entertainment value.

— Nina Gardner (@NinaintheChi) April 12, 2013

How dare @gleeonfox make a joke of school violence.What an insensitive group of bastards that thought it would be okay to do that.

— Tyler Brown✌ (@TBIsTheMan) April 12, 2013

Glee is airing an episode that has a school shooting right now. They can’t convey normal human relationships, but I’m sure this’ll be great.

— Drew Schnoebelen (@Dschnoeb) April 12, 2013

Glee is using very sad current events for ratings and I find that beyond tacky.

— Will Vith (@willvith) April 12, 2013

School shootings are no joke #glee. This episode was horrible. Should have never been done. @gleeonfox @gleetv @foxtv

— Christine Sump (@mcmgolfer8) April 12, 2013

I will never, NEVER watch @gleeonfox again. They don’t know how this effects people from Newtown, and it is not okay.

— Sam Lotko (@sam_lotko) April 12, 2013

#Glee is seriously politicizing gun control?! Not cool. (And I just outed myself as a Glee watcher.)

— SarahReidy (@SarahReidy) April 12, 2013

My brother was supposed to be in a shot up Va Tech classroom – I hate when Hollywood interjects its opinions on gun control. #glee

— SarahReidy (@SarahReidy) April 12, 2013

#glee has now worked in meteors, cat-fishing & Sandy Hook. Currently waiting for them to drag Margaret Thatcher’s corpse through the halls.

— Mikos Von Beaverhaus (@iMikosnyc) April 12, 2013

Another spoiler: the shooter was special-needs student Becky.

It’s official. They had a character with Down syndrome be the shooter on glee.

— Les Baddington (@Loolabette) April 12, 2013

I hope to God some groups go after @gleeonfox for exploiting a Down Syndrome character like that. Disgusting. #CancelGlee

— Chansey (@polarcarrie) April 12, 2013

@glee I’m totally offended. My niece has Down Syndrome and would never do anything like that!

— Leslie (@skincaregirl) April 12, 2013

Ifind it completely inappropriate that they would suggest that those whohave mental disability deal with stressors with violence. #glee

— Angie Rines (@angelarines) April 12, 2013

they’re making Becky the shooter because she has down syndrome. wow, Glee writers, just wow. so much respect. #donewithyou

— nikki(@diannasbacon) April 12, 2013

did the most politically correct show ever just make the Down syndrome kid bring the gun to school? #fuckedup #glee

— Kimberly (@kimmm314) April 12, 2013

Not only did #glee make a joke out of school shootings but then they made the girl w Down syndrome responsible. Unreal. #boycotting ASAP

— Irene Shulman (@IraShul) April 12, 2013

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