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Top 20 #StressfulMoments in our lives


#StressfulMoments getting a haircut

— Hair (@LongHairProbss) May 28, 2012

#StressfulMoments Over thinking before you go to sleep.

— Derrick (@illposts) May 28, 2012

It's painful to tell someone you love them, and them not saying it back.. #StressfulMoments

— MARIO (@MarioPalush) May 28, 2012



#StressfulMoments… Trying to pretend like you dont care when you really do! Those feelings that absolutely won't go away.

— Cutty (@LilCutty) May 28, 2012

Sending a risky text & then waiting on a reply back … #StressfulMoments

— IG: l__e_x (@L__e_x) May 28, 2012

explaining something really simple to a moron #StressfulMoments

— isabella jusková (@everythingbella) May 28, 2012


#StressfulMoments Losing Your Mom In A Grocery Store!

— Markell Bailey (@tenorbuds) May 28, 2012

#StressfulMoments Sitting down for dinner, then realising the ketchup has run out.

— Anthony Shaw (@AnthonyShaw_) May 28, 2012

#StressfulMoments looking for a job.

— DONVΛVNJOHNSON (@dopeitsdon) May 28, 2012





#StressfulMoments When people accuse you of things you've not even done

— LΔNDUN (@landunnn) May 28, 2012

When you miss a step in a flight of stairs and almost die. #StressfulMoments

— The Urban Sage (@intrepid_heroin) May 28, 2012

#StressfulMoments you drop something and the bus is coming

— Life (@RAMSAY_TV) May 28, 2012

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