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TSA denies Marine was asked to remove prosthetics


The TSA in a blog post today denied that a wounded Marine with two prosthetic legs was forced to undergo an “aggressive” inspection and was humiliated by TSA agents on March 13 when passing through Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The Washington Times reported the story yesterday, based on a complaint filed with the TSA on Monday by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.).

The TSA’s Bob Burns wrote, “After reviewing TSA video (CCTV), interviewing and receiving written statements from all Officers involved, we found that the soldier was not asked and did not remove his prosthetic legs. The screening was done by the book and lasted a total of 8 minutes from beginning to end.” The TSA also released surveillance footage of the incident to the media, but it hasn’t done much to help the agency’s reputation.

PR Fail RT @tsa: Marine Wounded Warrior Screened at Phoenix Did Not Remove Prosthetic Legs 1.usa.gov/Xqy5pm #tsa #military #aviation

— Aviation Litigator (@aviationlitig8r) March 21, 2013

@tsa I smell bull shit

— John (@JohnButler00000) March 20, 2013

@tsa I would suggest that your need to respond to this indicates you havea serious marketing problem.

— DCGomez (@AllThingsHLS) March 20, 2013

@tsa is this 1984 doublethink or just gaslighting?Reese the security fotage you liars!How many terrorists have you apprehended?

— Charles Smith (@UndeadBinLaden) March 21, 2013

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