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Uncomfortable Sleep Positions Never Looked As Cute As They Do With These 20 Animals

I’ve always been jealous of how easily my pets sleep in the weirdest positions.

My cats can basically contort their bodies to fit into anything, and my dog loves sleeping with his head hanging off the couch. I used to master this impressive art as a kid, but now, I’m lucky if I can find one good position without tossing and turning all night.

That’s why these photos show that pets must have supernatural flexibility or maybe just really high pain tolerances. Either way, these animals sure have some funny preferences when it comes to snoozing.

1. Standing is obviously the optimal way to sleep.

2. He’s not gonna get a headache from this at all…

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3. Tables are WAY comfier than pillows.

4. This guy had a really late night at the office.

5. My neck hurts just looking at this.

6. “‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night!”

7. Is this a cat or a goose?

8. Human legs are like fleshy pillows and provide awesome support!

9. I’m not sure how this even happened…

10. “You’ve been doing it all wrong, hooman.”

11. There are no words…

12. Blood rush to the head = lights out.

13. Sleeping, much like life, is a balancing act.

14. Breathing is overrated, anyway.

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15. Such a beautiful and majestic creature.

16. It takes talent to keep your game face on while you’re asleep.

17. Poor little guy! It looks like his life is one big disappointment.

18. “I prefer sleeping with my neck practically broken.”

19. Reading really puts her to sleep.

20. Folding yourself in half just screams comfort.

Though I think it’s great that these animals can basically sleep however they want, I’ll just stick to my bed for now.

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