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Voter suppression outrage redux: Military absentee ballots still missing!/ACLJ/status/265107408827858944

As Twitchy reported last month, Wisconsin was failing to send out military absentee ballots and numbers were down across-the-board in battleground states.

Unreal. What a way to thank our brave soldiers for their incredible service to this country. Go fight for us, and for freedom, but forget about that pesky fundamental right to vote. Voting? Military need not apply.

Outrageously, this continues.

Military dad says son being denied ballot for election

— Gabriel Mitman (@purbu2go) November 5, 2012

This makes me nauseous – “@tunacharlie: 30 Wisconsin municipalities failed to send absentee ballots to military”

— Michelle Clesceri (@Clescerirant) November 5, 2012

Twitter users are reporting that military absentee ballots are not being received.

My boo didn’t get his absentee ballot & I feel like its a conspiracy against the military #livingmylifethroughtelevision

— Felicia Z (@felicia_zz) November 4, 2012

My brother in the military still hasn’t gotten his Detroit absentee ballot. Anybody else experiencing this?

— Detroit Politics (@DetroitPolitics) November 4, 2012

My neighbor’s granddaughter in military in German wants to vote but can’t get a ballot. Sure this was planned by O bc they won’t vote 4 him.

— Alice Moore (@almoore321) November 5, 2012

@hannityshow @seanhannity.My son is active military. He applied for absentee ballot a month ago from WI. He still did not receive it.

— Kim Barnard (@kruizeameer62) November 5, 2012

Getting word from Military family friends over seas in Japan they never received their Ballots to vote, only received their sample ballot

— Ted Smith (@Atsjr2Ted) November 3, 2012

@bretbaier my daughter is in the military and can’t vote. Never recd ballot. Very upset.

— Nutnhoney (@poohkc60) November 5, 2012

Another Military family jst called. Son in Afg. never got ballot. County Clrk said he wld have to vote in person in her office. What BS

— ken scarborough (@Kendetaos) November 3, 2012


#WhyImNotVotingForObama Many deployed military are disenfranchised voters. No ballots, incorrect ballots, lost ballots. #disgusting

— Hooah (@SFCArmyWifeMN) November 5, 2012

UNACCEPTABLE!!! Thousands of ballots unlikely to reach military voters. Read @johncornyn ‘s letter to DoD: #tcot

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) November 5, 2012

As we said before, our finest and bravest are being disenfranchised under Obama’s watch. This is more than a shameful disgrace.

This is an outrage.

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