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Wait until critics of #OscarsSoWhite catch Sanders’ new ad

Bernie Sanders has released a new feel-good campaign ad that makes the classic hand-in-hand Coca-Cola ads of the ’70s look downright cynical. Rather than buying the world a Coke (which should be free, by the way), Sanders employs “America” bySimon and Garfunkel to serve as the soundtrack to a countryof bucolic beauty, bustling small businesses, and lots and lots of hugs.

We can understand if the sight of a live cow confounds Beltway insiders, but David Brock,founder of the pro-Hillary Clinton super-PAC Correct the Record, said the ad paints a “bizarre” picture of America. “From this ad it seems black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders,” he added.

And yet, it’s not as white as the Democrat candidates for president, including those who have since dropped out.

Sanders certainly encountered friction early on in the campaign cycle with #BlackLivesMatter, whose members interrupted hisappearanceatNetroots Nation and hijacked his campaign rally in Seattle. But by September, Sanders was holding an hour-long meeting with #BlackLivesMatter’s DeRay Mckesson and entourage to discuss the criminal justice reform initiative known as Campaign Zero.

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