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Wait Until You See Who’s Behind This Museum-Worthy Modern Art

Most artists will tell you that they first felt the creative itch before they could even write their own names, and that’s exactly what 3-year-old Kylan Dodd will say to his fans someday.

Kylan’s dad, Paul Dodd, is an artist himself, so you can imagine how thrilled he was when Kylan started expressing his creativity at an early age. By the time he was two years old, Kylan was meticulously arranging his toys according to color, size, and shape. Dad quickly figured out that the little one’s primary focus was achieving a sense of symmetry. From there, the child’s skill set kept expanding.

A year later, Kylan graduated from filling sheets of paper with haphazard paint splatters to creating more composed drawings with an abstract flair.

The creative tot fills his family’s home with new works of art every week, and Dad does everything in his power to cater to his son’s whims.

Paul decided to begin a collaborative project when he saw a touch of Picasso in Kylan’s sketches.

And the process is pretty straightforward. After Kylan creates the base of each composition, Paul fills it in digitally.

This is the piece that started it all.

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While Paul loves the resulting paintings, he loves spending quality time with his son even more.

“He’s my whole world,” the proud father explained to ViralNova. “This project is just a reinforcement of that bond. I learned firsthand that sitting and drawing with your children makes them so happy. They love just being with you in joint creation.”

He’s also noticed that taking a childish approach to art is often more effective than coming at the process from a more deliberate angle. It’s all about being in the moment.

“The beauty of it all is that children don’t overthink anything,” he writes. “They just love to make things for the sake of it, and they discard sheets of brilliance just as quickly as they create them.”

(via Modern Enlightenment)

As of now, Paul and Kylan plan on continuing this series together. Because the little guy is a jack of all trades, he wants to start making movies, too!

To learn more about the dynamic duo, be sure to check out Paul Dodd’s website. You can also follow him on Facebook for regular updates.

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