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Walmart workers tweet ‘I love my job’; others wait in wings for openings


Beautiful! There is even more Strikesgiving fail. As Twitchy reported, the Walmart Black Friday walkout organized by union thugs was a total bust. It was estimated that a mammoth fifty employees joined the walkout. Perhaps these Twitter users can help the clueless thugs understand why that was. You see, they love their jobs and are grateful to be employed by Walmart.

Wen i talked to my job sound like dey was happy to hear my voice! feel gud to b at a job u enjoy! I LOVE MY WALMART FAMILY!!

— ~Pricele$$~ (@LovinLifeWitUs3) November 19, 2012

I don’t understand it, honestly I love my job as a [email protected]walmart and wouldn’t consider walking out in Friday

— Tony McFarland (@demonicdragon87) November 19, 2012

People are idiots, I love my job and will not I repeat will not be walking out on black friday @walmart RT from (@demonicdragon87)

— Gina (@the1stpandas) November 19, 2012

@youthpastorbry @4thetruth2012 I have a number of friends who work at Walmart,& they LOVE working there–WOMEN included!They have a JOB! 🙂

— CAP (@CAP741776) November 23, 2012

I love my Job at the Walmart I work at as a Cashier and get to meet different people every day

— Terri Flinn (@Nomadjl) November 24, 2012

@randapanda89 My mom works at Walmart as a second job and they’re so good to her. I love that! #TeamWalmart

— Brittany Bowling (@BrittaBowling) November 21, 2012

Im thankful for my job. Being a cashier at Walmart doesn’t sound awesome, but I love it.

— Chowder! (@Stevechowder) November 22, 2012

walmart gave us a #Thanksgiving #dinner . i love my job :))) instagr.am/p/SVCdyZrxbW/

— Empire State of Mind (@cheyannetweets) November 22, 2012

Those monsters!

I absolutely love my job..very thankful for it #walmart #holidaypay

— Kelly Vernon♥ (@knv_jmh) November 22, 2012

I love the fact that my mom works for walmart.After 19 years she’s moved her way up. Rather her have a job then be a sorry ass w/no job .

— Victoria (@victoriaaa24) November 23, 2012

I’m thankful that I work today. #teamwalmart #myfamilyiswalmart #prowalmart #onelove #wallyworld

— Rachel Harry-Son! (@thenratchsaid) November 22, 2012

My younger brother just got a job at Walmart. He’s trying to help out my parents and pay for school. It’s hard for me to boycott them.

— CallMeLisa (@Lisa1660) November 26, 2012

@brittabowling Walmart will be my career! Definitely on #TeamWalmart 😘

— Miranda Givens (@randapanda89) November 21, 2012

And, if there are any Walmart employees who aren’t so grateful, there are plenty of people waiting in the wings to join #TeamWalmart.

Any Walmart employee approached by a union should say “I wanted a job that doesn’t make me work holidays, but Hostess wasn’t hiring.”

— Landon (@OrwellForce) November 24, 2012

@tbreezy770 oms im tryna get in walmart nbs easy ass job good hours & good pay

— Dolo Tha Don (@_KiDDolo) November 26, 2012

@walmart fire those ungrateful employees. We have many people who would love the job. 31 million unemployed

— Shelley (@KissFreedom) November 20, 2012

#walkoutonwalmart Hey walmart ppl be thankful u got a job in this shit situation we are all in, I bet some unemployed ppl would love ur job

— Victoria(@VixxyLix) November 23, 2012

I love how these WalMart ‘strikers’ act like they are owed a job. Please. There are plenty of folks who would LOVE to take your job.

— Trish Williams (@ExPoleDancer) November 21, 2012

Went to the kiosk in Walmart to apply for a job. At the same kiosk, I applied for a job for Sam’s Club. Let’s hope for the best.

— Sean Felten (@SeanFelten) November 26, 2012

I hope Walmart gives me a call sometimes before 60 days pass because I would love to have that job for the holidays

— Tevin(Tevo)Mitchell (@tevcmitchell) November 21, 2012

Hopefully I get this job at Walmart

— OveR Doz-age* (@Stay_Dzosin_off) November 26, 2012

We hope you do, too!


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