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We Know When You’re Going To Get Married

Now find out when you’re walking down the aisle.

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      It’s All About The Open Bar!

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      Whatever involves inviting the least amount of guests!

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      The Caribbean

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We Know When You’re Going To Get Married

  1. You got: Within a Year

    You’re destined to walk down the aisle very soon. You’ve probably already met The One, and are frantically planning for the big day. You’re a true romantic, and your happily ever after is imminent!

  2. You got: Next Year

    You’re just about to put a ring on it! You’ve found the love of your life, or romance is just around the corner for you. You’re well-suited for married life — now get back to planning your big day!

  3. You got: In a Few Years

    One day, you’ll get married. But today is not that day! You’re fun, carefree, and the life of the party. You’ll spend the next few years of your life having a BLAST, because you deserve it. Then, and only then, can you think about settling down.

  4. You got: Not for a While

    Single life is suiting you just fine right now, isn’t it? You’ll meet the love of your life one day, but you have a LOT of crazy fun to have before then. Sure, you’ll kiss some frogs along the way, but you’ll also make some truly amazing memories.

  5. You got: Maybe Never

    You’re single and looking to mingle, but you also don’t NEED someone in your life. When you’re as amazing as you are, you don’t need to waste time picking out cake flavors or making seating arrangements. One day, you might find The One, but how many people out there could possibly be worth your hand in marriage? The answer: NOT MANY.

  6. You got: Never

    Listen, you’re strong, independent, and pretty much a badass. Who needs to find The One when you already ARE the one. Besides, who wants to waste time picking wedding invitations when you can be out there running the world?

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