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#WeStandWithEva: Liberals defend lying liar Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria’s had a rough couple of days, what with being called out on all her B.S. Some of her fans attempted to make her feel better by showing their support with the #WeStandWithEva hashtag. Their goal was to blow up the hashtag and get it trending, but it didn’t exactly work out that way. The hashtag generated a staggering 21 tweets, including several retweets. Oh well.

Here’s a taste of the brilliance:

#WeStandWithEva #WeStandWithEva #WeStandWithEva #WeStandWithEva #WeStandWithEva #WeStandWithEva #WeStandWithEva #WeStandWithEva #Obama2012

— Ms. Independent (@2informed4u) October 18, 2012

“@liberalphenom: @evalongoria We appreciate your support of POTUS and we have your back. Keep speaking out. #Obama2012#WeStandWithEva

— dthutc (@dthutc) October 18, 2012

#WeStandWithEva Eva Longoria is one classy & intelligent women. Terrific role model.

— sharonM (@sharm629) October 18, 2012

Role model? Well, if you’re looking to emulate a race obsessive who thinks conservative women are stupid, then she’s your gal.

@evalongoria > @michellemalkin#WeStandWithEva

— Rick Strandlof (@RickStrandlof) October 18, 2012

Another choice: Eminently sane, intelligently logical, strong woman @evalongoria or #batcrapcrazy Michelle Malkin? #WeStandWithEva

— Caroline Winfield (@mydoggyruss) October 18, 2012

DEVELOPING STORY:Chucky,the killer doll and film star plans to sue Michelle Malkin for stealing his sneer.#WESTANDWITHEVA

— RUM & COKE PARTY USA (@rumcokepartyusa) October 18, 2012

El oh el! Hilarious!

@michellemalkin @evalongoria Give up blogger.Eva is STADIUM STATUS you’re GRADE SCHOOL AUDITORIUM STATUS. #WeStandWithEva

— L. Frank Urban (@lfrankurban) October 18, 2012

Ah, of course. The “just a blogger” card. Well, L. Frank, we’ve got news for you: Lady-smarts-wielding Michelle Malkin and her minions have been tirelessly poking more holes in the leftist narrative than you can keep up with. Go ahead and stand with Eva; we stand with the truth.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/10/18/westandwitheva-liberals-defend-lying-liar-eva-longoria/

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