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What Does Your Nail Polish Color Say About You?

Are you racy in red? Or mellow in maroon?

  1. 1. Choose the polish color closest to what you’re wearing now.

    1. Multi-colored

What Does Your Nail Polish Color Say About You?

  1. You got: You’re so sultry!

    Sensuality is your game, and you play it so well. You’re bold, yet mysterious, and you like it that way.

  2. You got: You’re so sexy!

    Nothing says “Come and be my love slave” like a red nail! Classic and classy. Meoooow.

  3. You got: You’re so flirty!

    You love to smile and keep things carefree. You may seem like a sweet, innocent flower, but you’re not — you just play one on TV.

  4. You got: You’re so chill!

    You like a little sparkle, but you don’t feel the need to be the center of attention. You’re here to please you, not everyone else.

  5. You got: You’re so lively!

    Your robust personality fills any room you walk in! You’re the life of the party when you want to be, and charming is your middle name.

  6. You got: You’re so happy!

    Bubbly and effervescent, you live to make people smile. It hurts your heart to know that someone is sad, and you try hard to be a light for everyone around you.

  7. You got: You’re so fun!

    Life is short, and you’re here to party while you can. Why freak out over the worst in life when you can add to the best of it? Turn down for what!

  8. You got: You’re so wild!

    Your friends call you crazy and they mean it in the best way — you’re always ready to shake things up, not afraid to hop up on a table and dance if the spirit moves you. Life is too short to be boring!

  9. You got: You’re so focused!

    When you set your mind on something, you don’t stop until you’ve gotten it. You know exactly what you want and how to get it. Go ‘head!

  10. You got: You’re so mellow!

    Hey man, what’s the rush? Life is meant to be savored, and you’re all about staying in the present and taking it all in. Hakuna matata!

  11. You got: You’re so funny!

    Not funny “strange,” funny hilarious! Your sparkling wit means you’re always ready with a joke to get the room laughing. You’re a blast!

  12. You got: You’re so cool!

    You’re a strong believer in going with the flow. You do your own thing, and you do it with a confidence that makes others want to do it too.

  13. You got: You’re so spiritual!

    Some may say you have hippie tendencies, but you prefer to think that you’re just very in tune with feelings, both yours and other people’s. Your vibes and auras are important to you and you try to gravitate toward the good ones.

  14. You got: You’re so distinguished!

    You walk with your head held high and you know you don’t have to yell to get your point across.

  15. You got: You’re so edgy!

    Pushing boundaries is your thing and you do it so well. Who cares what the masses are doing? You’ll take honoring individuality over trends any day.

  16. You got: You’re so stylish!

    Your eye for fashion is one of the sharpest around. You’re on top of all the latest looks, you know how to pull them off, and you get tons of compliments on your ensembles.

  17. You got: You’re so fancy!

    You already know! All that glitters may not be gold, but you want it anyway. You’re all about the bling. Shine bright like a diamond!

  18. You got: You’re so luxurious!

    You crave the finer things in life — the bigger the price tag, the bigger your smile. You want the best of the best, and why not? You deserve them!

  19. You got: You’re so artsy!

    You see the world in a truly unique light, and you love to create. You see the beauty in individuality and love expressing yourself as only you can.

  20. You got: You’re so trendy!

    You know what’s hot and what’s not. People expect you to know the latest in fashion, slang, music, and gadgets, and you never disappoint!

  21. You got: You’re so confident!

    You don’t need to make a splash to be seen because you stand out enough on your own.. You count on your shining personality to get you all the attention you need.

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