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What makes you mad?


For some reason, everybody seemed to be in an angry mood today. That’s probably why #WhatGetsMeMad became a trending hashtag. After all, what better way to express your anger than logging onto twitter to publicly complain about all your problems!

Here are just a few things that seems to piss people off.

#whatgetsmemad is when people use #hashtags on facebook.

— (@notwizgrantifa) April 3, 2012


#WhatGetsMeMad being treated like a child

— Niki DiAntonio (@NikiDiAntonio) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad is when I do stuff and it's unappreciated

— Kayla C (@KAYLA_twin06) April 3, 2012



#WhatGetsMeMad when people act differently around different people…

— ChibiShel (@ThatoneLazyNerd) April 3, 2012

#whatgetsmemad when someone doesn't realize what they did was wrong #ownup

— NIKKI (@nicolezwolan) April 3, 2012


#WhatGetsMeMad when people say "SOCCER" the sport is called FOOTBALL. FOOT-BALL.

— Khalfani ♛ (@gracieveli) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad, when i have to repeat myself for people who didnt listen the first time. -_-

— brrrritani. (@be_unusual) April 3, 2012


#WhatGetsMeMad people who judge you because of your huge love for a boyband.

— Natalie (@Natalie_LoveJLS) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad is getting woken up

— ♛ Sinister… ♕ (@Siikerr) April 3, 2012



#WhatGetsMeMad seeing someone i love, love someone else.

— Bemere™✍ (@GraphixsGuru) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad that Mayweather vs. Pacquiao hasnt happened yet

— Mr Twitta (@RandyFloss) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad is when I go shopping and can't find ANYTHING I want or like -___-

— Rachel Angenique (@NeverFraudulent) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad when someone gives my number to somebody without asking me first .

— Renee (@Reneebaaaby) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad when people assume shit

— maria (@MARIARAYXO) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad is when your close friends tell other people your business

— Devin Dougherty (@devdaisy) April 3, 2012

#whatgetsmemad : people who suck up to you and are nice to you when you clearly know they talk shit about you .

— Vivian (@_viviaanL) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad being lied to !

— ✨knowledge (@_freshNtatted) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad when you try to sugar coat shit. Get to the point or just don't say shit at all.

— Joey Amaya (@killajamaya) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad , self centered folks who think they're above everyone else.

— sara hall ✌ (@LOVE_isLoud) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad Auto-Correct -.-

— Silly Rabbit ✗o (@ItsRickyDUHH) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad is when you don't reply to my text but yet you're tweeting via mobile.

— kim (@odd_kimmykim) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad when you put the effort in and the other person doesn't even notice…

— maria (@MARIARAYXO) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad is when people make fun of disabled people. Kill with that shit; it wasn't their fault.

— Munashe ♓ (@m__dynamite) April 3, 2012

#whatgetsmemad when i'm about to have myself some cereal but the milk gone -___-

— Jay Carey (@CareyBoy15) April 3, 2012

#WhatGetsMeMad people who walk super slow in front of me

— Niki DiAntonio (@NikiDiAntonio) April 3, 2012


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