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What These People Did With Their Old Crayons Will Blow You Away

Unless you have little children, or even grandkids running around your home, there’s really no reason for you to keep all those old crayons, right?

Odds are, even if you’ve purged your kids’ rooms of most coloring supplies, there are probably a few of the waxy cylinders around your home. But before you toss them all in the trash, check out these fun and creative ways that you can reuse them. There’s nothing childish about these projects!

1. Create some beautiful wall art by gluing crayons to a canvas and using a hair dryer to melt the wax.

(See how cool this is?!)

2. Add your own photos to make the art even more personal.

3. You can also grab a hot glue gun and add crayons to it to create fun wall art.

4. Make a bright wax candle — here’s how.

5. You can also just dip-dye candles with crayon wax.

6. Then again, did you know that crayons serve as good candles on their own in a pinch?

7. Fresh out of lipstick? Make your own with crayons!

8. Turn your crayons into cute utensil (or pencil) holders.

9. Make a cute rainbow crayon letter.

10. When Halloween rolls around, here’s what to do to your pumpkins!

11. Melt crayons inside holiday ornaments to customize them.

12. Here’s how to turn your crayons into beautiful stained glass!

13. These raindrop sun catchers would look lovely in just about any room.

You can create some pretty amazing things with crayons. While you can also make new ones from old, broken crayons, these projects seem like a lot more fun. Have you ever done any of these?

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