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When He Lost His Job, This Dad Started An Incredible Project With His Daughter

While statistics show that the unemployment rate is lower now than it has been in a while, the sad reality is that thousands of people lose their jobs every day. When Carolin Breeze’s dad, George, lost his job at a plastics factory, he was understandably devastated.

Ever the creative thinker, however, Carolin knew that her dad was a talented guy, so she decided to commission some jewelry from him. She was in her third year of studying film at the time, and she needed some unique accessories for the main character in her latest movie. He’d never made a single piece of jewelry before that point, but he decided to take her up on her offer.

“My father never made jewelry before, and yet there it was, simple…and annoyingly beautiful,” she jokes.

What’s even more amazing than the jewelry itself is the fact that George makes every piece with things that most people would throw away, like scrap metal and old wires.

“I was so impressed,” she writes, “that I pushed him to create more pieces.”

The father-daughter duo draws inspiration from mythology and fantasy. Carolin’s mother filled her childhood with adventure books and classical myths, and those stories stuck with her. The influence is clear in these designs.

Shortly after Carolin posted photos of the pendants online, they went viral. They received so much support and praise that she and George decided to continue on in their incredible collaboration.

They even opened their own Etsy shop called Calisto Breeze, and they’ve been met with success. It’s clear that this brand is driven by passion, creativity, and love.

According to Carolin, “My dad is the heart and mind behind our brand. He first draws all of the designs, and then he works late into the night to create amazingly beautiful pieces.”

While Carolin primarily serves as her dad’s manager, he’s currently teaching her the ropes so that she can add some of her own designs to the collection!

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They’re both optimistic that Calisto Breeze will only grow and evolve from here, and each piece is somehow more intricate than the last.

But as beautiful as the designs are, the most amazing thing about this brand is the love that goes into making it great.

“The best thing about my dad,” she writes, “is that he’s just a normal man who worked in a factory for years. But to me, he’s the best and most talented dad in the world.”

It’s great that what started with a pendant turned into a full-fledged business, but the real value of this company has nothing to do with dollars and cents. What makes Calisto Breeze such a fantastic brand is that it’s a testament to the power of family.

To snag one of these amazing pieces for yourself, be sure to check out their Etsy shop.

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