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When They Introduced Their New Pet To Him, The Sweetest Thing Happened

Introducing our new fur friend to their forever home comes with a lot of anxiety.

Will they like their new space? (Probably.) Will they tear the couch apart? (Definitely.) And possibly most importantly, will they like their new family members? (Undecided.)

Whether it’s an older dog, a bigger cat, or a tiny baby, meeting the fam is nerve-wracking for everyone involved. Things can be shaky in the beginning, but more often than not, everyone gets along better than you could have ever imagined…and here’s all the proof you need!

1. It’s always good to approach new things with caution.

2. I think someone likes the new baby…

3. “Send help.”

“Okay, we can be best friends now.”

4. “Did someone forget to tell me I had a baby?”

5. They’ve been inseparable since day one.

6. “Ohmygoshisitmine?! Ohmygoshohmygosh!”

7. When he realized how small she was, this is what he did…

How accommodating!

8. After all, size doesn’t matter when love is involved.

9. “Dis mine now.”

10. “Hello, sir. Let’s talk nap time.”

11. I think I just died and went to puppy heaven.

12. “You look funny.” “Nuh uh, you do!”

13. “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

14. They introduced their grandpa to his new sidepiece…a chick.

15. Even farm animals need to introduce their new babies to the barn crew.

16. These two deserve their own Disney movie.

17. “Can we keep her?”

18. The baby has no idea what’s happening, but we’re cool with that.

19. At least SOMEone’s excited.

20. So what happens when a tiny kitten enters a home full of dogs?

At first, there’s some uncertainty.

Then fear sets in.

“Must. Sink. Deeper.”

Okay, so you can’t win ’em all, but I’m sure sooner or later, they’ll be best friends!

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