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#WhereAreTheJobs? Why, Nancy, they’re on the Napa Valley Wine Train


Earlier today, U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted a video claiming that the time congressional Republicans spent repealing Obamacare has cost the American taxpayers $50 million. And … wait for it … the GOP’s to blame for the country’s high unemployment rate.

Conservatives wasted no time hijacking the Insatiable Beast’s hashtag: #WhereAreTheJobs.


@NancyPelosi #WhereAreTheJobs from someone who says the solution to unemployment situation is more food stamps. Thanks for CA's downfall.

— Yllek T Mass (@YllekTMass) July 13, 2012


#SelfAwarenessFail "@NancyPelosi: VIDEO: House Republicans wasting time on the taxpayers' dime: http://t.co/FES67zvN #WhereAreTheJobs"

— Jeanne (@jzoinks) July 13, 2012

#WhereAreTheJobs Ask the president to build the pipeline and you'll find out where they are.

— aThirdOfDuane (@aThirdOfDuane) July 13, 2012

#WhereAreTheJobs ? They're safe & sound over at Solyndra. Whoops, never mind.

— aThirdOfDuane (@aThirdOfDuane) July 13, 2012

Hey, Nancy. You and Barack Obama and the rest of your merry band of fools had two GOP-free years to focus on jobs while you were dithering on other matters so grave to the economy, you know, like building turtle tunnels and passing Obamacare. As usual, Pelosi directed her question at the wrong political party.

#WhereAreTheJobs They're sure not in the 2,400 pages of the ObamaCare fiasco @TheDemocrats Good thing you spent time ramming that through.

— aThirdOfDuane (@aThirdOfDuane) July 13, 2012

political harpy @NancyPelosi shamelessly uses the hashtag #WhereAreTheJobs after @theDemocrats preside over such horrible unemployment? lol

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) July 13, 2012

Maybe Pelosi should visit her posh winery to find some jobs — probably the only jobs the Outsourcer-in-Chief hasn’t sent overseas.

#WhereAreTheJobs @NancyPelosi On the Nappa Valley Wine Train paid 4 with stimulus ? Might be only stimulus jobs not outsourced overseas

— Weeki1 (@weeki1) July 13, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/13/wherearethejobs-why-nancy-theyre-on-the-napa-valley-wine-train-paid-for-with-stimulus-dollars/

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