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Where’s Willard? Out: Elvis sightings. In: Romney sightings


New hotness: Spotting Mitt Romney in random locations, most recently in La Jolla, Calif. While snubbed members of the media had to make do with fake live tweets of the Romney/Obama lunch date, Twitter users are spotting Romney all over the place!


— Stef (@stefshoemaker07) November 27, 2012

This is what he has to look fwd to from the American public from here on out. “@melojolie: Mitt Romney at cvs in la jolla.. lol”

— Mike Manning (@ravmike) December 3, 2012

The media does try to get in on the “Where’s Willard” action. The Washington Post wrote about a “detached” Romney, who is “tending his wounds.”

MT @philiprucker: A deep look at Romney’s new life, secluded in La Jolla, calling CEO buddies, plotting next move.wapo.st/TyJPaX

— Jim Acosta (@jimacostacnn) December 1, 2012

Or, you know, just living his life. How dare he?! WaPo also mentioned the photo of Romney pumping his own gas. The horror!

Journalism is dead. RT @buzzfeedben: 15 People Who Just Saw Mitt Romney buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynsk…

— Marc Love (@marcslove) December 3, 2012

Heh. Indeed. Journalism has been flat-lining for a while.

The Romney spotting fun on Twitter continues, with no end in sight.

@notjessewalker I saw Mitt Romney in a piece of toast this weekend. Oh wait, sorry, that was Jesus.

— Scott Tobias (@scott_tobias) December 3, 2012

omfg I just saw a picture of Mitt Romney buying honey nut cheerios at CVS while looking rugged and dishevelled #sexy #takingdefeatlikeahero

— bella falco (@bellaisafalco) December 3, 2012

“@mike_marchioni: Just saw mitt Romney in Belmont” where?

— ronan (@FayWarer) December 2, 2012

My dad just saw mitt Romney at the airport omg ahhaa

— Marissa Millender (@Marissahah) December 2, 2012

i swear to god i just saw mitt romney

— noah duggan (@wtvrmom) November 30, 2012

Hey I think I just saw Mitt Romney!

— Jacob Mailloux (@TheAirMail) December 3, 2012

I just saw Mit Romney😁 #NOJOKE

— Maddy(@m_a_d_d_y_14) December 2, 2012

Swear I saw Mitt Romney at the Gorman game today

— Justice Jackson (@blvckjack_) December 2, 2012

Some wishful thinking? But if you squint really hard …

I swear we saw Mitt Romney at caribou today.. @ellieraehall_ @laurenschoeneck twitter.com/emmabenton_/st…

— Emma (@emmabenton_) November 29, 2012


99% sure I just saw Mitt Romney at the Volkswagen dealership

— Kendall (@kkirschey) November 30, 2012

Some confirmed sightings, with photo evidence! At McDonald’s.

I saw Romney at McDonald’s 😱 twitter.com/QuinciSmith/st…

— VSVP Q (@QuinciSmith) December 1, 2012


And CVS.

Life in La Jolla Mitt Romney is in CVS with me. Lol (@ CVS/Pharmacy) 4sq.com/XTyHcn

— Marni Melrose (@residualreach) November 26, 2012

I saw Mitt Romney wearing khaki shorts and buying cereal so I wore khaki shorts and bought cereal. twitter.com/reabs_/status/…

— Shelby (@reabs_) November 27, 2012


And the latest: A pizza joint.

Mitt Romney waiting in line to order a pizza on Friday night. twitter.com/erinafoslid/st…

— Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) December 3, 2012


The real Mitt Romney drinks fancy European H2O. twitter.com/erinafoslid/st…

— Phil Klinkner (@pklinkne) December 3, 2012


The most pressing question:

Is he tweeting? RT @buzzfeedandrew: Mitt Romney spotted at a pizza shop in Salt Lake City Friday. twitter.com/erinafoslid/st…

— Samir Mezrahi (@samir) December 3, 2012


I like post-election Romney-hair RT @buzzfeedandrew: Mitt Romney waiting in line to order a pizza on Friday night. twitter.com/erinafoslid/st…

— Chris (@chris_coast) December 3, 2012

Mundane Romney pics just don’t get old. @buzzfeedandrew Mitt Romney waiting in line to order a pizza on Friday night. twitter.com/erinafoslid/st…

— Caroline Eisenmann (@CarolineMEisen) December 3, 2012

And if they do get old?

I swear I just saw Mitt Romney’s son.

— Erin Drysdale (@erindrys) November 30, 2012

Stay tuned! Is “Where’s Tagg” next?

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