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Which Disney Princess Is Your Style Icon?

Glass slippers or seashell bras?

Which Disney Princess Is Your Style Icon?

  1. You got: Rapunzel

    Your style is super girly, but you rock it in a way that’s both cool and fresh — see Megan Trainor, Taylor Swift, or Ariana Grande. Basically, you’re not afraid to flaunt your look and be the sweetheart of attention.

  2. You got: Jasmine

    Your style is fun, sexy, and regal. You rock a jewel tone like no one else. While you’ll try out trends — harem pants, crop tops — you’ll find ways to make those styles your own. You’re not any Urban Outfitters clone.

  3. You got: Merida

    You have tomboy tendencies when it comes to your clothes, so you tend to keep it simple. Chances are, you’ve got some asset or feature (like amazing hair) that’s your main style reference, so you play that up.

  4. You got: Anna

    You love patterns and mixing different textures. While your style is mainly feminine, you’ll often surprise people by pulling out a power piece (like a cloak). While you like pretty things, you have a way of keeping it old-world. You’d probably do well in a classic Chanel suit, or in anything from Michelle Obama’s or Anna Wintour’s closet. Sound right?

  5. You got: Mulan

    You like to be comfortable, but you also want your clothes to have an edge. Your style is probably on the minimalist side, but in a very chic way — think the Olsen Twins, Stockholm streetstyle, menswear-esque touches.

  6. You got

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