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Why people hate Facebook


There are so many reasons to hate Facebook, there’s no way anyone could possibly name them all. That won’t stop the people of Twitter from trying though!

Here are just a few reasons people hate Twitter’s ultimate competitor:


#iHateFacebookBecause of the stupid ass timeline -_-

— GooseTFI #TheFlock (@GooseTFI) May 31, 2012

Twitter makes me love the people I don't know, whereas #ihatefacebookbecause it makes me hate the people I actually know.

— Bitch please ♚ (@ItsThingsInLife) May 31, 2012

#iHateFacebookBecause annoying people and "like this if you think I'm pretty!", "like this if you're bored!", like this, like that! t-_-t

— carrine (@carrinelow) May 31, 2012

#iHateFacebookBecause its full of drama no one cares about…and twitter is just so much better!

— Fyrare (@Fyrare) May 31, 2012

#iHateFacebookBecause you got an album of 100 pics of you in the same outfit..doin 100 different poses

— Chi Ming Wang (@ChiMing3000) May 31, 2012


#iHateFacebookBecause It is filled with too many internet gangsters -__-

— ANDREW SCOTT (@iandrewscott) May 31, 2012



#iHateFacebookBecause you can't befriend 1,000 random people you don't know!!!!

— *~MeAn gUrLz RoCk~* (@kemaFree) May 31, 2012

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