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Why so serious? Biden’s debate grimace creeps out, angers viewers


Is there something funny, Joe? We’ve been having fun at the vice president’s expense all week in the lead-up to tonight’s debate, but things have turned serious over the last couple of days as the State Department has broken ranks with the White House and admitted that there was no protest which led to the deaths of four Americans in Libya on Sept. 11.

Vice President Biden, though, just couldn’t stop smirking as Paul Ryan called out the administration on its massive security failures overseas. We think we’ve finally found something creepier than Jim Messina’s #ForAll pose.

ahhh Biden looks like a creepy clown…. please do not smirk like that again…..

— Brittany Schultz (@BritttSchultz) October 12, 2012

Biden clearly worked very hard on the Romney smirk all week. He didnt get it quite right.

— Bryan Jacoutot (@BryanJacoutot) October 12, 2012

Biden, get that smirk off your face. You look like an idiot.

— Tim the Enchanter (@SeiRyuu10) October 12, 2012

Biden smirk is… not good.

— Josh Barro (@jbarro) October 12, 2012

Biden, wipe that stupid smirk off your face

— brittney ann (@BrittneyLayber5) October 12, 2012

Biden has a really really creepy smirk. #RomneyRyan2012 #CNNDebate

— Sebastian Skamski (@Skamski) October 12, 2012

Joe Biden’s smirk during Paul Ryan’s comments is beyond disrespectful

— Madison Beveridge (@maddiebeveridge) October 12, 2012

I’m not a gambler, but I would play poker with Biden. In the mean time, he should get that smirk off his face, bc he’s not winning.

— Annika Boone (@annika_boone) October 12, 2012

Joe Biden’s smirk is just creepy. Answer the damn question, Joe! #VPDebate

— Secretary Not Sure (@SecNotSure) October 12, 2012

Not sure I can sit and watch this whole debate with Biden’s condescending smirk on his face.

— Sylvia (@Sylviacaruso) October 12, 2012

Nice to see Biden spinning like a top with a teenage smirk on his face already.#Leadership

— John Davis (@imjohndavis) October 12, 2012

Biden is starting to lose it already. Smirk, laugh,eye roll. He’ll lose it on body language alone #vpdebate

— Kenneth E. Hines (@KennethEHines) October 12, 2012

Biden’s denture guffaw is creepy #VPDebate

— Fred from Brooklyn (@FredBrooklyn) October 12, 2012

#VPDebate Joe Biden that smile is the grimace of a cornered animal

— Anthony (@Nichevo) October 12, 2012

Someone make Biden stop doing that baby monkey fear grimace. #vpdebate

— Nancy Goldstein (@nancygoldstein) October 12, 2012

[email protected]reppaulryan steady, solid, informed vs. goofy, grimacing old @joebiden. #debate

— Karl Rove (@KarlRove) October 12, 2012

All of Biden’s laughs and smiles are making him look like a village idiot.

— Noel Sheppard (@NoelSheppard) October 12, 2012

I do think Biden is on the verge of condescending/body language here in his tone. #vpdebate

— The Fix (@TheFix) October 12, 2012

These are serious issues and Biden is just laughing them off. It’s insane.

— AG (@AG_Conservative) October 12, 2012

Well, it certainly looks insane.

Biden’s smirking teeth are beginning to strobe through my TV screen. Disturbing. #PMTdebate

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 12, 2012

Joe, seriously, STOP SMIRKING. This is serious stuff. Be Vice-Presidential. #PMTdebate

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 12, 2012


Well, that didn’t take long. Biden’s smirk has its own Twitter account.

[email protected]paulryanvp, your facts don’t stand a chance against my #BidenSmirk. #VPDebate

— Biden Smirk (@BidenSmirk) October 12, 2012

Biden’s smirk has evolved into laughter, but not everyone is in on the joke. Ryan fans aren’t amused, and even some Obama supporters are unsure how Biden’s condescending approach is playing with the audience.

The YouTube video of Biden laughing continuously on loop is going to be awesome. #vpdebate

— Chris Moody (@Chris_Moody) October 12, 2012

#bidenlaugh twitter.com/HuffPostPol/st…

— HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) October 12, 2012

What is Biden laughing at ?

— Joan Collins (@joancollinsobe) October 12, 2012

Joe, you’re killin’ [email protected]saturdaynightlive is going to have a field day!

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) October 12, 2012

I’m glad people think this is so funny- our country, our people are hurting.

— Jaime King (@Jaime_King) October 12, 2012

Yanks-Os tied right now.Kind of like this debate.Hard to say anyone is winning, although Biden’s laugh might lose it.

— Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) October 12, 2012

Trying to figure out if Biden’s lit or he just likes to sit & laugh a lot. He prob shouldn’t have had that brownie prior.😉

— Jason Hawes (@Jchawes) October 12, 2012

Biden needs to laugh a little less through the Libya, Middle East, nuclear Iran segment.

— S.E. Cupp (@secupp) October 12, 2012

The condescending laugh of Joe Biden just highlights this administration’s arrogance when they can’t argue the facts.

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) October 12, 2012

Joe Biden is laughing at the possibility of Israel being engulfed in a nuclear fireball. Laugh it up, idiot.

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) October 12, 2012

Joe Biden was clearly coached to laugh constantly while Ryan was speaking. It’s disconcerting and inappropriate. People are dying.

— Todd Kincannon (@ToddKincannon) October 12, 2012

Looking like Biden’s gameplan is to laugh his way through this.

— Neal Boortz (@Talkmaster) October 12, 2012

Good question —> “Has Joe Biden had some laughing gas in the past few hours?” – @elizabethtryan #vpdebate #fb

— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) October 12, 2012

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