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#WhyAustin: Mockery meets Kim Jong Un’s threat to strike Austin, Texas


Time for some more saber-rattling from North Korea. Kim Jong Un has vowed to strike targets in the United States, including Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

Austin? Really?

I mean, I know it’s hipster laden, but really? #whyaustin

— Kemberlee Kaye (@red_red_head) March 29, 2013

As always, North Korean threats go down best with a mockery chaser.

If North Korea had the internet they could see us all making fun of them on twitter.

— Calvin Drewlidge (@FigDrewton) March 29, 2013

Rather than cowering in fear, Twitter users are asking — and answering — #WhyAustin?

@rebeccachadwell #WhyAustin is trending lol.

— Mary Bonilla (@MaryBonilla) March 29, 2013

Because Stubb’s BBQ won’t deliver to Pyongyang. #WhyAustin

— Miké (@ThePantau) March 29, 2013

Because Houston shoots back. #whyaustin

— Stephen Green (@VodkaPundit) March 29, 2013

Kim Jong-un taking Austin’s plastic bag ban pretty hard. Why not just write a letter to the editor? #whyaustin telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews…

— Omar L. Gallaga (@omarg) March 29, 2013

Because Kim is still annoyed by “Slacker.” #whyaustin

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) March 29, 2013

Sorry, but his application was just not that strong. #whyaustin

— TEDx Austin (@TEDxAustin) March 29, 2013

Because Austin’s smugness about its 5.4% unemployment rate has grated on Kim Jong-un’s last nerve. twc.state.tx.us/news/press/201…. #whyaustin

— Will Franklin (@WILLisms) March 29, 2013

Austin is home to U.S. strategic BBQ reserves. RT @dblanchard: He just wanted some brisket. #whyaustin #sxdprk twitter.com/dblanchard/sta…

— Paul Szoldra (@PaulSzoldra) March 29, 2013

Kim Jong-un’s startup flopped at SXSW Interactive. #whyaustin.

— Sarah Beckham (@sarahlbeckham) March 29, 2013

Kim Jung Un is still pissed with Dell technical support. #whyaustin

— Robert Lendvai  (@robertlendvai) March 29, 2013

The hipsters bought out all the bicycles before he could… #WhyAustin

— Ryan Fitzgerald (@The_Burbz) March 29, 2013

“Forbes rates Austin third most nuke-able city in US. Mayor credits educated workforce, music scene.” #whyaustin

— Shelly Brisbin (@shelly) March 29, 2013

Kim Jong might hate the hipsters as much as Houston does #whyaustin

— Gilbert (@gilby5125) March 29, 2013

Kim’s Jong-un poorly received at Hippy Hollow. #whyaustin

— David Wenger (@DavidWenger) March 29, 2013

Because “Friday Night Lights” ended its run and NOBODY puts Connie Britton into a corner. #whyaustin

— Daniel Drezner (@dandrezner) March 29, 2013

What does Kim Jung Un have against breakfast tacos? Who doesnt like Breakfast tacos? #whyaustin

— Nick Blackhall (@NickBlackhall) March 29, 2013

And one for pro-wrestling fans:

#WhyAustin North Korea loves Bret Hart

— Calvin Drewlidge (@FigDrewton) March 29, 2013


Only a town full of hipsters would respond to a bomb threat with a hashtag #whyaustin

— Becca Aaronson (@becca_aa) March 29, 2013

Keep ‘em coming, Twitter!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/03/29/whyaustin-mockery-meets-kim-jong-uns-threat-to-strike-austin-texas/

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