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Yet another ‘journalist’ reveals herself to be ‘a giant ball of fail’


Wait. Is that what really happened? Not so much.

Zerlina Maxwell’s Twitter bio describes her as “J.D. Freelance journalist. Political analyst. Speaker.” With those credentials you might think she’d learn from the mistake a CBS journalist made this week. CBS reporter deletes snarky tweet wondering when ‘Rand Paul became a doctor’

Instead of recognizing her self beclownment and deleting the tweet and moving on, Zerlina just kept digging herself into an incoherent hole.

Since 1993.


Even shorter your thoughts on tonight: Never question the official narrative. Always question those who challenge authority.

Modern journalism in a nutshell.



Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/10/21/yet-another-journalist-reveals-herself-to-be-a-giant-ball-of-fail/

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