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You Won’t Believe What This Taylor Swift Portrait Is Made Out Of

Eyes made out of mice. Skin made out of pigs.

1. This is Taylor Swift.


2. This is Taylor Swift made out of emojis.

Yung Jake

Pixelated gorge.

3. California-based artist Yung Jake creates killer celebrity portraits.

Yung Jake

Yung Jake

Yung Jake


Instead of using paint, he sketches in Emoji Ink, an interactive website (soon to become an app) that allows people to use emojis as stamps to draw pictures.

This obviously takes an insane amount of skill, which was something we talked about during our texted interview.

4. Things got philosophical.

Alison Caporimo

Sort of.

5. And though he didn’t exactly tell us how long the work takes him.

Alison Caporimo

If it took him under 30 minutes, I might die.

6. He did ask if I had any requests.

Alison Caporimo

And so his process (which takes less than a year since I’ve only been chatting with him for a few weeks) began.

7. Taylor’s bone structure begins with a few delicately placed hamburgers.

Yung Jake

How he knows to do this, I have no idea.

8. Followed by fist pumps and scrolls.

Yung Jake

Because that’s the obvious next step.

9. Turns out the CD emoji is a great highlighter.

Yung Jake

To get that youthful glow.

10. Then shit gets real.

Yung Jake

How? What?

11. Her big baby blues come in.

Yung Jake


12. And mice bring them to life.

Alison Caporimo


13. And her tender skin is anything but Kosher.

Alison Caporimo

A glowing, hot dog complexion.

14. Layer by layer, he builds beautiful T. Swift.

Yung Jake

If this isn’t art, I don’t know what is.

15. And the finished product is pure perfection.

Yung Jake

Heart you, girl!

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alisoncaporimo/this-insanely-cool-taylor-swift-portrait

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