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You Won’t Recognize This Ugly Old Vanity After Her Husband Is Done With It

Love can inspire us to do some pretty amazing things for our spouses.

Just ask Redditor EgoTrip26‘s wife. After she tried unsuccessfully to find the perfect vanity for around five years, her husband decided to make her dreams come true and restore an old one he found into exactly what she was looking for.

First he bought this old vanity from a garage sale.

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He was pleased to find that the major surfaces were covered in real wood instead of cheap particleboard.

He then power-sanded the drawers to perfection before spraying them with two coats of oil-based primer.

His wife wanted them to be Tiffany blue, so he found a matching color and slapped a couple of coats on top.

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More sanding was needed when he moved on to the vanity’s frame.

When in doubt, just keep sanding.

So fresh and so smooth.

After having little luck sanding the lacquer off of this section, he realized his wife’s nail polish remover would do the trick.

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Then it was time to add two coats of primer to the whole thing, sanding yet again between coats.

The transformation really started to show after the first coat of paint.

Another coat of paint and two coats of semigloss made for one stylish piece of furniture!

The last step was to sand, prime, and then apply semigloss to the drawer handles for an elegant, old-fashioned look.

Can you believe how beautiful it turned out?!

I wonder if his wife would mind if I “borrowed” her vanity. I’ll bring it back, I swear…

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