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You’ll Melt When You See Why These Kids Are Leaving Their Coats On The Street

If you ask any little kid what their favorite day of the year is, they’ll probably tell you that it’s their birthday. I mean, what’s not to love? You get cake, presents, and plenty of time to hang out with all of your friends. And let’s be real — little ones love unwrapping mountains of gifts.

But one mom wanted her daughter to experience the gift of giving this year. Instead of running around in the back yard with her friends and opening tons of presents, this adorable little one and her pals hit the streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to do what they could to help homeless people combat the cold.

Last weekend, residents of Halifax looked on in admiration as the adorable gang rolled through town, leaving winter jackets in their wake.

They tied winter coats to telephone poles in the hopes that homeless people would grab them as temperatures dropped.

And all of the little ones were more than happy to help!

The girls attached notes to each jacket to let people know that they’re free to anyone who needs them.

The jackets range in size, too, so that no one is left out.

And Mom is convinced that the kids learned a valuable lesson in terms of empathizing with the hardships that homeless people have to deal with every day.

“They definitely learned the importance of it,” Tara told CBC News. “When we got back in the car after an hour on the street, they were all freezing and crying, and they were bundled up.”

(via BoredPanda)

There’s something to be said for Tara Smith-Atkins’ parenting skills, because not many children would happily spend their birthdays making sure that homeless people are taken care of. It really doesn’t get better than that. Keep doing what you’re doing, Smith-Atkins clan! You’re all setting such a great example.

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