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You’ll never guess the secret to LeBron James’ success!/jose3030/status/204339186604572672

Ever wonder what could motivate an NBA player into having one of the best performances ever seen in playoff history? We could give you a million guesses and you still wouldn’t come close!

Before recording 40 points, 18 rebounds and 9 assists to lift the Miami Heat over the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, LeBron James was seen warming up by reading “The Hunger Games.”

I like that LeBron was reading a physical copy of The Hunger Games rather than on iPad/Kindle. Sometimes I miss real books.

— Holly MacKenzie (@stackmack) May 20, 2012!/patmcummings/status/204278619638480896

I'm pretty sure everyone loves lebron now after seeing him reading the hunger games before game 4

— Rob Trader (@RobbyTrader) May 20, 2012

We’re not sure if it was a slow news day for ESPN or what, but they even debated the topic on their hit show “First Take.”

Skip and Stephen A are talking about Lebron reading 'The Hunger Games' before game 4…. #isthisreallife?

— Eric Durkee (@durkeee) May 21, 2012

RT @BreatheEasyyMa: WHO CARES IF LEBRON WAS READING THE HUNGER GAMES?!? Lol my god! They pick on every little thing about him

— Blessed. (@Bari_iFLY) May 21, 2012!/StephenLuter/status/204587731739885570

I love how FirstTake is talking about Lebron reading Hunger Games. Skip said he wish Lebron was more like Katniss tho lol

— Temi T.L. (@HeartOfAChamp_T) May 21, 2012

Theyre really debating LeBron James reading the Hunger Games……this dude really can't catch a break on this show

— Mr. Brock Netter (@SirBrockNetter) May 21, 2012

Thanks to LeBron James, it’s safe to assume the popular book will somehow do the unthinkable and become even more popular.

Yay! #Sarcasm

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