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You’re About To Wonder How You Lived Without These 15 Phone Hacks For So Long

One Google search for phone hacks yields almost 40,000,000 results, so which ones should we actually be using?

While some are completely ridiculous, others are ingenious and totally useful. The only problem is that combing through all of them can be almost as irritating as dropping your phone and cracking the screen for the fifth time this year…almost.

Although I certainly didn’t sift through millions of hacks, there are quite a few that continue to make the rounds on Pinterest for a few simple reasons: They’re fun, they’re useful, and they actually work. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we? Follow the blue links in the headings below for more details!

1. No phone case? No problem. If your newest iPhone keeps slipping out of your hands, this DIY balloon case should do the trick until you pick up a new Otterbox.

2. Use plastic wrap to make cracked screens usable again.

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3. Turn your iPhone into a blacklight just for funsies.

4. Protect your phone from water and sand this summer by using it through a plastic bag.

5. Reinforce charging cables with these easy tricks!

6. Set your lock screen as a photo containing useful information in case of an emergency.

7. Differentiate between ear buds by painting the left and right inserts different colors.

8. If someone keeps stealing your headphones or charging cables, mark your territory by covering yours with unique designs.

9. Stay organized and keep your phone within arm’s reach next to your bed with this adorable DIY phone holder.

10. Pick up a USB for your phone if you start running out of storage space.

11. Save money by making your own stylus.

12. Snag this gadget that’ll help you turn your phone into a portable reading lamp.

13. Find the real strength of your signal on iPhone and Andriod.

14. Make your own touch-screen gloves so that you can keep your hands warm and post pictures of your latte at the same time.

15. Coil your own charging cable to maximize space without sacrificing length.

(via One Crazy House)

These may not seem like much, but since we use our favorite little devices all day every day, it’s nice to know what to do in a pinch. Which ones will you try?

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/brilliant-phone-hacks/

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