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‘You’re exposed’: Scantily-clad models prowl Denver selling Obamacare [pics]


Nothing like nearly-naked people to remind you that pretty soon the government will force you to have health insurance — whether you like it or not.

From the Denver Post:

Promoters and health insurers fanned out with multimedia ads to encourage sign-ups. Colorado HealthOP, a consumer-run cooperative selling insurance plans on the exchange, sent models in skimpy clothing — and sporting signs with information — to greet Denver’s 16th Street Mall lunch crowds.

Move over, SlutWalk.



Without health insurance, you’re “exposed.” Get it? Get it?





Isn’t Obamacare, like, totally sexy now?

Bow-chicka hell no.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/10/03/youre-exposed-scantily-clad-models-prowl-the-streets-of-denver-selling-obamacare-pics/

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