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Congressional candidate calls out Baltimore Sun on biased coverage

http://twitter.com/#!/dbongino/status/478324382020800512 It started a few days ago as a live chat on politics with The Baltimore Sun. http://twitter.com/#!/smtrinter/status/476757702371459075 A good question. In a state as far left as Maryland, the media often doesn’t feel obligated to even go through the motions covering Republican politics. http://twitter.com/#!/baltimoresun/status/476758666365112320 The question was never really …

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Al Gore: ‘There’s an enforced orthodoxy’ in the GOP over climate change

http://twitter.com/#!/UChiPolitics/status/466004272736264193 In a presentation at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics Monday, Al Gore told David Axelrod that when it comes to climate change, “there’s an enforced orthodoxy” among Republicans. Yes, Al Gore, Oracle of the Church of Climate Change, said that. The planet doesn’t have a fever, but …

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