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12 Amazing Examples Of Famous Literature Recreated Using Legos. #4 Is Seriously Impressive.

So what’s the only thing better than a good book? How about experiencing that good book in Lego form? That’s right, some people love their favorite books so much that they’ve recreated scenes from them in amazing Lego form. Just check them out below.

Spoiler alert for #4 if you’re not caught up yet on Game Of Thrones.

1.) Lord Of The Rings. This amazing scale model of the Elven city of Rivendell from Lord Of The Rings was created by veritable Lego Master Builder, Alice Finch.

Just look at the amazing detail on Elrond’s Library.

2.) Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Another group of Lego Master Builders created a seven foot tall Tower of Orthanc and recreated the iconic scene of the Last March of the Ents.

Here’s the scene in a little more detail.


3.) 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

Very nice detail on the ship.

4.) Game Of Thrones. Here is the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ scene from the book series. The British bookstore Waterstones created it to the celebrate the release of the Lego Movie earlier this year.

5.) Infinite Jest. These scenes were created by English professor Kevin Griffith and his 11-year-old son, Sebastian. Sebastian has never read the book, so Kevin describes the scene to him and he builds a Lego scene about it. The quote that created the scene blow is: “P. 12 ’I am not just a creatus, manufactured, conditioned, bred for a function.’ ‘Sweet mother of Christ,’ the Director says.”

“P. 88. The operative sat at Marathe’s feet…”

6.) Romeo and Juliet.

7.) Moby Dick. This entire scene, including the backdrop mural, is made entirely from Lego bricks.

8.) Dracula, featuring Batman.

9.) The Hound Of The Baskervilles. This scene was the winner of the Waterstones bookstore’s Lego Lit competition.

10.) The Battle Room from Ender’s Game.

11.) The Iliad.

12.) Harry Potter. This scale model of Hogwarts was also constructed by Alice Finch back in 2012.

Inside the dining hall at Lego Hogwarts.

Via: Mental Floss

Ahh this makes we want to play again with Legos so much. Maybe I’ll just take a trip down to the Lego store on the way home…you know…for research purposes. 

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