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A Retired Mathematician Found A Rotting Cabin From 1830. What He Did With It Is Perfection.

Reddit user srirachaforeverthing just posted what happens when you mix a retired mathematician father and an old, rotting 1830s cabin.

He decided to restore it. And the result? Cozy perfection.

This is the original cabin from the 1830s. A lot of it was rotting, but he labeled and transferred as much of it as possible to the family’s land.

Here you can see the labels.

And the foundation is mostly intact, now on his land.

The restoration begins!

This entire thing took 10 years, so it was not an easy task for just one man.

Taking a look inside…

Starting to construct the fireplace for those cold winter nights.

And the fireplace is ready.

Natural light: check.

This is the finished construction, but let’s look inside.

This looks really cozy.

The staircase has a great story behind it. A large oak tree fell on the family’s property. They were upset and didn’t know what to do with it. After a few days, they decided to turn it into the staircase for their cabin. Looks great!

I could spend a lot of time here.

And the loft has a really comfortable bed. I love it.

A panoramic view.

It’s perfect for a cozy night inside, with a warm blanket, cup of hot chocolate, and loved ones.

The 1830s cabin completely redone for 2013.

Ten years in the making and totally worth it.

Source: Reddit

All of the wood that makes up this cabin that was not from the original came from the family’s land. This is about as authentic as it comes for an 1830’s cabin. This retired mathematician did an incredible job over the past 10 years.

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