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Are You Ready To Get Up Close and Personal With Your Favorite Bugs?

Warning: If you don’t like bugs, this post may creep you out a little bit. (Or a lot.)

Indonesian photographer Yudy Sauw likes to get up close and personal with the local wildlife. No, not tigers or monkeys. Sauw prefers the company of bugs.

His speciality is taking extreme close-ups of local bugs in a process known as macro photography. The results are actually pretty amazing, unless of course you don’t like bugs. In which case the results are terrifying. Take a look below and decide for yourself.

Yudy Sauw’s work is great, but he’s not the only photographer with a bug hobby. Check out a sampling of these other insect macro shots from around the web.

Moth power!

Ooo I hate these things.

“Hello I’m Spiderman, nice to meet you.”

Praying mantis FTW.

I’m itching just looking at this mosquito.

An adult Mayfly.

Ladybugs truly are wonderful.

Just chillin’.

Grabbing some lunch.

Look at that moth tongue.

“Kiss me my love.”

Sorta terrifying.

Those eye patterns are amazing.

“Just pollinating, don’t mind me.”

(H/T: Huffington Post)

Maybe now you’ll think twice before swatting at those flies. They have such expressive eyes. Make sure to share this post on Facebook by clicking below.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/macro-bugs-pictures/

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