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Burger Art Is The Most Awesome Kind Of Art. Have A Cow, Man.

Other countries may look down on Americans for our fondness of processed fast food, but they may soon change their tune. A couple of French artists have finally come around to our way of thinking. They have made some incredible food art by using hamburgers as their subject.

The Fat & Furious Burger project was started by designers Quentin and Thomas and features burgers being exalted to a status of awesome even us Americans should be in awe of. (And may make us a little hungry.)

Trojan Burger

Thanksgiving Burger

Happy Birthger

Crabzilla Burger

The Beergur

Go Green Burger

Chicken Burger

Ocean Burger

Ovni Burger

Vampire Burger

The Reconciliation Burger

Spicy Burger

James Bond Burger

Crab Burger

The Apocalypse Burger

Ice Cream Burger

Boom Burger

Lord of The Ring s Burger. The one burger to rule them all!

(H/T: psfk)

More people will learn to love the all-American burger if they see it like this. What these guys did for the burger is both genius and delicious. Share it with others by clicking on the button below!

Read more: http://viralnova.com/burgers-awesome/

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