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How Are They Still Alive? These People Flirted With Absolute Disaster.

For some people, getting up at the crack of dawn to spend the rest of their day sitting at a desk isn’t ideal. They don’t like taking orders from someone who doesn’t know (or simply doesn’t care) that their breath smells like death. (Seriously, some people must brush their teeth using a pot of coffee with a dead bird in it.) There are people that need something more from life.

These people or “thrill seekers,” as you’ll sometimes hear them referred to as, live their lives as if it could be over at any moment. If you look at some of the stunts they pull, you’ll find yourself wondering how they’ve managed to stay alive for as many moments as they have. Take a look!

1.) Om… what are you doing?

2.) He gets by with a lot of help from his friends. A lot.

3.) He looks like a cat that’s just jumped onto the shower curtain after getting wet.

4.) Was the gift shop that sells postcards closed?

5.) Better hope that neither that net nor your friendships give out.

6.) That ice is bound to fight back if you keep poking at it like that.

7.) Love makes you do crazy things, but this is ridiculous.


8.) I hope none of them sleepwalk.

9.) Hang in there, crazy!

10.) It’s a long way down.


11.) I’m no expert climber, but my advice is to use two hands. Especially if you can’t find a third.

12.) It’s all about focusing on your balance and not on how insane what you’re doing is.

13.) At least they have each other… for now.

14.) How is it even possible to smile when you’re in that scary of a spot?

15.) The snow ought to cushion your fall, right? RIGHT?

16.) It’s okay, he put Scotch tape on his finger tips.

17.) How did they carry that stick up there?

18.) Maybe the person who as taking her picture could have offered some help?

19.) We’re all pulling for you! Now please pull yourself up so we can stop worrying.

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They may like to live dangerously, but I, for one, am thrilled I’m not them.

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