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If You’re Sick Of Text Messages, You’ll Love What This Girl Did.

Cristina Vanko made a decision to do something awesome with her dad’s old calligraphy pen. Calligraphy is something you don’t encounter very often today (and honestly we think we need to see more).

She decided to make impersonal texting messages much more unique and personal. Instead of typing to her friends, she began to write to them.

Once she got a handle on the new pen, she went to town with it. Like, really went to town.

She even began “texting” her friends with handwritten messages, something that isn’t seen often enough nowadays.

Their reactions were varied, from confused to completely enthused. We personally think it’s one of the best ideas we have seen.

Too much stuff happens digitally, any more. There is no tangible result of messages being sent back and forth.

Now, her messages are what they should be: completely and utterly personal.

Share this and spread the idea. We like the thought of more people getting back into the way things used to be.


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