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It Took This Married Couple 14 Years. But What They Built In Their Backyard Is Incredible.

Lots of married couples have mutual hobbies. When husbands and wives work on projects together, it brings them closer in their marriage. This Reddit user’s parents, however, decided to take on a project that would both bring them closer together and intimidate even the bravest of carpenters.

It all started with their dream to own a boat when they retire. And not just any boat, but a massive 45′ aluminum sailboat. So they built it over a 14 year period in their backyard. They never gave up.

This is the process from start to finish. It’s a long process, but totally worth it for the end.

Constructing a level surface to being the framing.

First frames going up. Pictured in the foreground is the work surface used to layout the curves of each.

All frames situated in with aluminum bulkhead.

Stringers installed.

Stringers and frames at the keel.

Flipping the boat over with a crane.

Then, plating the cockpit.

The deck and hatches.

Custom-made bimini with aluminum support.

The hull is completed!

Cranes removing the boat from the back yard.

Leaving the yard!

And somehow getting stuck leaving the back yard.

The green Volvo engine powering it all.

Preparing for the installation of the ballast.

Hard work, but it’s not hard working together.

Epoxy and primer.

Lots of carpentry work to be done.

Turning the living room into a workshop.

And now it’s time to make the bed!

Dresser and drawers.

The door to the engine room.

Soon, all of the hard work started coming together.

Getting ready to go!

She’s beautiful!

Now they can spend their retirement enjoying their awesome boat on the water.

Source: reddit.com

This kind of love and dedication to their retirement dream is truly inspiring. Share their accomplishment with others.

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