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My Inner Child Is In Love With This Oversized Treehouse Mansion. Wow…

If you’re not jealous of this Cody, Wyoming mansion, your inner child surely is. This incredible cabin had simple beginnings but over time it transformed into one of the coolest houses you’ll find in America. If I end up never living in a house like this, my life will be a waste.

Because, wow.

This Midwestern mega-home began as a simple one-story log cabin, but now it stands 75 feet tall.

Francis Lee Smith began building the one-of-a-kind home in the 1970s.

Then, in 1992, he fell to his death while working on it.

The house has been abandoned ever since.

That said, it’s still on private property, so you may want to think again before you pack everything into the van to go claim your new home.

Plus, do you really want to climb THIS ever day? Of course you do, but you can’t. For now, at least.

For a video tour of the spooky Smith Mansion, check out the video below.

(via ALLDAY)

Wait, it’s abandoned? Who would leave such a majestic building uninhabited? I guess it’s time to go on a road trip to Wyoming…

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