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One Grandpa Kept a Secret For Years. Now It’s Out… And I LOVE It.

One man kept his hobby a secret for years. When his grandson discovered what he had been doing with all of his free time, he was dumbfounded. His grandpa had been spending hours hand-carving creations that are so detailed, it’ll make your head spin. These creations are truly remarkable.

With just his hands, one grandpa carved countless little machines.

Most of them were construction related.

And all of them had so much detail, it’ll make your head spin.

It almost seems like they could be working models, if they weren’t made out of wood.

The tiny gears are adorable, and must have been maddening to make.

The details the man included were so incredible they were almost insane. You can see inside one of the work stations here, a radio and a television.

These incredible carvings can make a person wish they were tiny enough to use them.

I’m not saying he was crazy, but it just seems that way.

I have no idea why he kept this a secret for so long. He must be a very humble and patient man. It was only recently that his grandson’s friend felt they deserved to be seen by a lot more people.
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